Writing Motivation

These shoes gave me a needed inspirational boost during my annual, mid-winter February Doldrums. I live on an island. I like this island. But sometimes the need to get off this island becomes a burning, thrumming compulsion. Plus, I wanted a shoe fix and when I opened the door to Fluevog Shoes in Victoria, BC, I was...I … Continue reading Writing Motivation

Return of A Little Help From My Romance Reading Friends: The Lazily-titled Sequel

I LOVE writing ‘seasoned’ heroines. Looks to me like more and more readers–and writers–are looking for them, too!

Sandra Antonelli

It’s coming up on two years since I put out my plea for your help.  Back in February of 2016, I penned a post titled A Little Help From My Romance Reading Friends. Once again,  I come to you, Dear Reader, you with your finger on the pulse of romance, your eyes on the words and covers and spines of books of paper, screen, and audio. I come to you asking for your help, asking you to tell me about the Romance novels you have read where the heroine is aged OVER 40. That is, the heroine is 40, 50, 60 and beyond.  It’s time to update my list and I need YOU to do this because I am only one tiny woman with a TBR pile and books to edit and books to write so I can add to this list of mine.

I’m very specific here. I…

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